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Wire Hangers
Spring - A time for new projects
Long Hanger News

Unfortunately I am no longer selling 36" decorative hangers because the USPS has added a $15 surcharge for any pakckage shipped that was longer than 30 inches.

Other long hangers will also have a USPS surcharge, but not nearly as unreasonable. Starting April 3, 2022 they will add a $4.00 surcharge on top of postage for any shipment of 18 " to 24" hangers.. Thankfully hangers shorter than 18 inches will have no surcharge.

The hangers below range from 20" to 24" :

20 to 24 in hgrs

Reminder: if your order is 13 oz or less, you can always save on shipping by requesting first class mail instead of
priority mail. Bring your subtotal over $60, and I'll pay half the shipping, bring it over $120 and I'll pay all the shipping cost.


Free, delightful Cross Stitch Patterns from designer, Susan Ache

For the patterns below, go to and search for "ACHE".


And check out Susan Ache's latest:

Rosso Rubio on the Thread Collections page:


New Hangers
Would you rather not mess with a sleeve on a little quilt? Here's the answer. Some new hangers have come out that do not require a sleeve. Just clip the block or quilt on to the hanger. Voilà! Sizes range from 6 to 12 inches from edge of clip to the other edge of clip. Click here to check them out.
ring clip heart clip

"Real Thread" Color Card

270 Colors!

Represents all weights (12 - 28 - 40 - 50)

MSRP: $50.00.

On a personal note:

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and after tons of research, I found a remarkable protocol developed 20+ years ago in Brazil by Dr. Cicero Coimbra. (much less expensive than my co-pays would have been for the prescribed drugs) He's a brilliant, humble Neurologist/Scientist. He teaches other doctors for free how to administer the protocol and monitor patients for auto-immune diseases. (there are 100's of auto-immune diseases) He makes no money from the doctors or patients using the protocol worldwide. He only wants to help mankind. I've been on the protocol for 2+ years with great results. I tell people it is the best decision I ever made. Now my Brain MRIs show no new or active lesions. My newer symptoms are gone. I feel compelled to shout to the world about the Coimbra protocol because it has helped me and so many thousands of people get our lives back. To learn more, there is a site: "" that talks about the protocol. You can also join the facebook group "Coimbra Protocol North America". It has over 13,000 members. You'll find lots of information, testimonials, and help from a truly wonderful, supportive bunch of people.

OK, that's my first and probably last public service announcement!.


Suspended Shipping Service

Please note that the USPS has temporarily suspended service to Australia and New Zealand. The reason given is the unavailabilty of transport. I apologize to my customers in these countries.

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