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Wire Hangers

Due to an accident/health, Pumpkinvine Corner must close.

The Close-out Sale is still Active

Everything is sale priced except for the decorative hangers/stands. Those are given 40% off manually at the time of processing. The refund will be subtracted from your charge or your PayPal account will be refunded.


  • Don't forget to refresh your browser while at Pumpkinvine Corner or any website so you'll be sure and see the latest prices and updates.
  • Sale continues while supplies last or till what's left gets donated
  • All sales final
  • For the U.S. only - no international sales
  • There is no free or discount shipping offered during the closing sale. Sometimes, the cart over estimates the weight of an order if multiple items are purchased. Be assured all weights are verfied so the shipping charge will be correct or corrected.
  • Sale close date depends on stock quanities and available help. Sale could close without warning if circumstances warrant
  • The shopping cart has not done a good job of preventing people from adding something to their cart that has already sold out. Since I have been in and out of the hospital this past summer, my inventory count is probably not perfectly accurate. The site may let you add something to your cart that is presently out of stock. If so, I will delete it from your order and make any adjustments. Hopefully the count is accurate and it won't be a problem.
  • If the website prevents you from adding something to your cart, it means the item is out of stock. It sometimes screws up and allows someone to add an item to their cart that has already sold out. In that case, adjustments are made depending on the form of payment.
  • Prices on the webpages will show the sale price once the sale starts. However Decorative Hangers will reflect the old price because at checkout, 40% will be taken off automatically.
  • During the sale, I ask for your patience. There will be a lot of orders and I need to rely on the help of others to process them. It may take a week or two to ship your order.

It has been a pleasure serving you these past 15 years.

Thank you.
Jean Lawson

Long Hanger News

Starting April 3, 2022 the USPS will add a $4.00 surcharge on top of postage for any shipment of 18 " to 24" hangers.. Thankfully hangers shorter than 18 inches will have no surcharge.

The hangers below range from 20" to 24" :

20 to 24 in hgrs


Free, delightful Cross Stitch Patterns from designer, Susan Ache

For the patterns below, go to and search for "ACHE".


And check out Susan Ache's latest:

Rosso Rubio on the Thread Collections page:


New Hangers
Would you rather not mess with a sleeve on a little quilt? Here's the answer. Some new hangers have come out that do not require a sleeve. Just clip the block or quilt on to the hanger. Voilà! Sizes range from 6 to 12 inches from edge of clip to the other edge of clip. Click here to check them out.
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